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In just a few hours it communicates the intensity of a best friendship, the fights and the shared silliness and the reluctant need for each other.

Originally, Ellie was going to be a much more innocent character, and the big end-game twist involved the teenage girl taking a life for the first time.

There's just a lot of things that made me wary of including this segment into the story. 18 year old lesbian sluts. For what it's worth, If anything, if game characters were modeled more like society overall in the presentthere would be MORE LGTBQ characters than there are currently in video games! Her appearance has also been compared to that of actress Ellen Page. WhiteMan22Jul 29, Ellen Page is not a fan, and with good reason Getty Images.

But i still think that it is an imporatant piece of information regardless, helping us shedd a new light on this whole thing. Bookmarked by elleoellie 16 Jun Without Joel in the frame we can get to know her better, see how she handles herself alone.

ND also confirmed last night that that if Riley was a boy, nothing would have changed: I don't think there would be any closure for any of the characters. Last of us ellie lesbian. Not only was the PlayStation exclusive a new intellectual property, but it became a classic the second it hit stores.

It wasn't definitive of sexual orientation. Left Behind is the story of Ellie's relationship with her best friend, Riley, back in Boston, intertwined with a lesser-explored period of Ellie and Joel's journey across the continent years later. Retrieved January 14, Left Behind does nothing new with The Last of Us' tense and exhilarating gameplay rhythm; you're always either in intense danger, or fearfully anticipating the next moment of intense danger. Players control Joel, a man tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States.

LegenderyJul 29, We think they look nice, we are attached to them emotionally, etc. Nude actress sex photos. Note that gay means homosexual rather than lesbian. Like we need to accept star wars prequel trilogy or matrix 2 or 3. Here's the thing about hardcore fans: Ellie lost her mother at birth and grew up in an orphanage.

Though this concept was scrapped for Uncharted 2the idea was raised again when discussing a new project, ultimately inspiring the character of Ellie. Romero chose one project as the winner. If Riley is a girl? Bookmarked by Nykalia 13 Jun It wouldn't matter is she was a boy, the result would be the same. Plus Sasha and Bob. The relationship is so special without having to add in sexuality. Ellie was always the star of The Last of Us for me - funny, resilient, endearingly rebellious, capable even when she's scared.

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Five years have passed.

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Ultimately, however, Naughty Dog's second team realized that they didn't want to make Jak and Daxter. Bookmarked by Chartate 21 Jun Archived from the original on January 14, But Ellie,is 14,Ellie had this strong friendship with Riley and that's what I personally and many other people would like to see it like.

LGBT people deserve representation and positive examples of themselves in media just as much as anyone else, and there are far fewer examples of them in video games than straight characters. Milf does neighbor. Good point, i totally agree. But so many on here are arguing that she is or isn't or that they are just friends. But what makes friendships sweet is that sexuality doesn't get in the way and that was a let down for me seeing them be more than friends in the DLC if that's in fact what they were. A real-life plague kind of.

Immediately, the fan community went into overdrive. The untold truth of The Last of Us. If you think about it, 13 year old girls are alot more likely to socialise with other firls tan with boys But you've asked and I replied. So if Ellie's sexual orientation is a by-product of Riley simply being female because the story had been tweeked a bit to match the magnitude of the love between Joel and Ellie, then how can we definitively say Ellie is gay or straight?

The impression I always got was the Ellie loved Riley for her personality. Last of us ellie lesbian. Nude porn hd video. Top of Bookmark Index. The Last of Us ' ending is one for the ages. That's a big accusation, especially since Page starred in an entirely different game that launched around the same time.

By all accounts, they were entranced immediately. In the first part, Ellie is at a dance, watching her girlfriend dance with some guy. Retrieved March 2, I feel like it's kind of odd to expect Ellie to just live out the rest of her days alone As for the bodies, pretty sure that was part of her imagination in that scene in the comic, since the room is still a different color than the rest of the mall so, she's imagining what happened in there. Well i wasn't the one asking Bruce that question, don't be made at me.

Bookmarked by cobwebsinmearse 14 Jun What was that quote from Mark Wahlberg in 'The Departed'? Retrieved April 26, Are you not entertained? That's not something talked about in games.

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Those are just the Easter eggs referencing Uncharted. Well,I'm same as you,except I'm way tired listening to their crazy theories about Ellie is lesbian,bi,gay,or straight,I'm tired of that Retrieved February 22, We just don't know-maybe we will find one day, maybe not. Big tits casting porn. Yakuza-DragonJul 29, Archived from the original on April 29, The gameplay demonstration during E3 is essentially more cinematic than what the real game will actually be. Following the release of The Last of Us: It's the idea of a gay character being normal rather than seen as 'progressive' that we should be fighting for.

Bookmarked by PrettyBrownEyes 29 Jun Klock closed this thread because:

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Crystal bernard nude pics Hackers discovered a naked model of Page's character, violating the no-nudity clause in her contract, and Page threatened to sue.
Wide tits tumblr Firstly I am not part of the "lgbt People" as you called them but there are plenty of straight heterosexual characters in games, they have been represented for years. It was the other way around, actually. But if ellie was with a boy it would also be the same she be connected emotionally and thus making her straight.
Hot naked girls youtube While spending time together at an abandoned shopping mall near the quarantine zone, Riley reveals that she is about to be posted to another city, and Ellie hesitantly supports her decisions. More topics from this board
Ex gf nude video In fact, at one point, Joel and Ellie got a relatively happy ending. And after all this disscusions, it still is.
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